Sharks vs Stormers at Dunedin Live

Sharks vs Stormers at Dunedin Live

Sharks vs Stormers at Dunedin Live
Wach Sharks vs Stormers at Dunedin Live

It is on the 27th May 2017


Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin around 4:15

The Sharks will be preparing for the Stormers for the clash this weekend. They have respect for the opposition as well as confidence in themselves after the bonus point win over the Sunwolves last weekend.

It was their 1st bonus point win, so they must be pleased with that & will boost their confidence that they have a win under the belt after they slipped out vs the Kings. They will have to maintain this momentum and take it forward.

The coach said that there were loads of positives from these games and especially the last one. Our 3 tries in the final minutes was the most promising one. We just have to keep focused.

In the Vodacom Super Rugby pool stages 3 games remain & all are at home hence it is important to win but also to give players the confidence to play good rugby. The team is going good.

As far as the defense is concerned, we are really happy with where the team is moving towards despite few individual errors which let the team down. But we are learning with time. We will try not to repeat such instances.

Our team has the best tackle completion in the competition, but it does not sure the entire story. Playing vs the Reds, we had 93% completion but still gave away 4 tries. Where the points are concerned, we are in the top half, which is a good sign.

Wach Sharks vs Stormers at Dunedin Live

We have good signs going forward with our attack, although there are certain places we have to tidy up in order to achieve our goals.

In the recent times, Sharks have showed how well we can play rugby but it is all about bettering yourself and going forward. They want to make it to the play-offs and are working hard to make sure, they leave no stone unturned.

Playing the kiwis will be a challenge. The Stormers love and are always committed to play attacking rugby, although they concede more points than they would like to in the past 3 matches.

They have very dangerous players on the attack, along with some formidable forwards, big ball carriers. Hence, if they get any momentum going, they will be unstoppable. We will try to stop their key players in order to lower their attacking chances. As other teams have done, stopped the big boys and took control by building pressure. We will try to do the same.

The team is up for the challenge to play attacking and to counter our weakness of keeping possession, we have worked hard on it. So we hope that this game, we hold the ball longer to avoid tackling them.

Our team has a nice balance with good competition, so if they put pressure on each other, guys keep performing. As we are challenging ourselves, all guys are on their toes, hence if any slips here and there, we have the next guy come in for amends.

We know that the Stormers are tough & they rate themselves both in the scrums & lineout’s, hence build up for a battle. They try to dominate from start so we need to give them nothing or else we will be in for some trouble. We expect the boys to do the job and keep us safe.

Clearly, we are happy with our tries 6 times and want to continue it. We want to fire hard and look forward to the weekend.

Wach Sharks vs Stormers at Dunedin Live

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